Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pirates who don't do anything (movie watchers)

We know of a two year old who asks to watch “Bobmato” a lot, but the Veggie Tales audience may be too young for the theaters. I think they think their average watcher is 7, when it's probably 4 (their audience is 2-5).

Pirates seems to be dying in the box office ($10 million):

Doing far less than the prequel Jonah did ($25 million):

They need to either break out a powerful story (like Prince of Egypt) or just give up on selling the Veggies in theaters. Parents don't want to cart 3 year-olds to the theaters, especially when they don't know that the movie exists. They aren't begging for it the way older kids would beg to see a movie they were interested in.


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