Monday, March 03, 2008

The History of Animation 10 - Pat Sullivan: Felix Out of Luck (1921)

Here's another classic Felix film, Felix Out of Luck.

"Felix, having lost his home, his job and his girlfriend, grabs a pistol and decides to end it all. Before he can do that, however, he accidentally rescues Kitty, the farmer's daughter, from drowning. Just when things are beginning to look up, though, a big-city con artist shows up with designs on Kitty.

"Felix turns down several delectable meals--including some juicy bones and a nice mouse--because he says he's got a great meal waiting for him at home. However, when he gets there he sees a notice from his owner that says, "Be back in a week". He goes back looking for the bones but finds that a dog has already taken them, and the mouse isn't cooperating at all."



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