Saturday, March 29, 2008

Question: Did you win the Tax Laugh competition?

Question for the Emperor: Did you win the Tax Laugh competition?

We definitely won Tax Laugh in the way we intended to... Our goal was for both of our videos to be in the top 20 so that the main two people who worked on them would each get a camera. That's what we succeeded in doing, so we definitely won in that sense.

Tax Laugh Story:

That's why we're so grateful to everyone who voted! Thanks!

So out of 103 entries, both of our videos got in the top 20! That's amazing!

Tax Laugh Standup:

The next round is by the judges only, and we don't expect to make the top three.

We wouldn't have made the final 20 without all your support. So we sincerely and humbly thank you for voting our two videos into the top 20. With over 100 videos submitted, our odds weren't good, and we thank you for the wins!

We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks everybody! Thank you for your support!!!

- The Emperor

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