Monday, March 17, 2008

The History of Animation 12 - Pat Sullivan: Felix The Cat (1922)

These are all the Felix the Cat animations we've found from 1922. We're going to divide Felix's animations up, per year, so that they aren't individual posts. While Felix is important due to his popularity in the 20s, his popularity only lasted one decade. It hasn't survived to today the way others have. To be fair, though, he is still the most popular cartoon character created before 1920.


Felix Saves the Day

This Felix cartoon is interesting, because it featured live photos of a building as the backgrounds.


Felix in the Swim

"Felix wants to swim and ask someone to go with him. The boy has to play piano. But because Felix saved a mouse, the mouse arranges other mice to play on the piano and the boy goes with Felix for a swim. Then a goat is eating the clothes from the boy and they went home without clothes."

Director: Pat Sullivan
Producer: M.J. Winkler
Production Company: Copley Pictures Corporation


Felix Minds the Kid


Felix Turns the Tide

Felix goes off to fight mice in the big Mice Vs. Cat war!


Felix Lends a Hand

Felix Helps this man get his wife back from Egypt, but she is to heavy-set for him.


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