Monday, August 18, 2008

Deaths on Smaller Airplanes

Planes crashing is a major area where everyone should take precautions. I talked to my Boeing friend about this who is a pilot and engineer. You’re usually incredibly safe in most air travel. The exceptions are private planes and smaller planes.

About 95% of that risk is in the pilots. Commercial airlines hire majorly experienced pilots, where the pilots of smaller planes usually haven’t been trained about all the potential issues they may face. The other 5% accidents in the smaller planes occur because of less rigorous maintenance schedules and tests. Almost all deaths are in smaller aircraft because the large companies excel in these two areas.

Add to that fact that the airlines put two highly trained pilots on each plane. That doubles your safety right there.

That said, you can charter a commercial aircraft that is private to your party (stars do this). If you have a large party, and you aren’t traveling great distances, then it’s actually cheaper than getting your crew on a commercial public airplane. These larger commercial businesses that charter private planes use the same precautions of including experienced pilots and rigorous maintenance.

So the lesson learned there is that I wouldn’t go up in a plane unless it’s a large commercial business that concentrates on pilot training and maintenance (which is all the major airlines).

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