Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tinker Bell Movie

Tinker Bell is significant because it’s Disney’s first attempt at 3D humans in their own animation style. Of course, there was The Incredibles, but that’s Pixar. Then there was Meet the Robinsons, but that was more of a one-off story. This is the first legitimate attempt to do a fairy tale animation in 3D. It’s not perfect, but it’s a solid attempt (the best to date) to turn Disney’s classical 2D style of humans into 3D. The studio’s next major attempt will the theatrical release, Rapunzel.

Lassetter pretty much scrapped the original production when he came on board. They had redesigned the look of Tinker Bell and took her into a world that didn’t fit with Peter Pan. On top of wanting to keep Tinker Bell in her current form/environment, he pushed back and wanted it to be higher quality. The studio pitched this 3D version instead, and then he green lit it. So this is also the highest quality direct-to-DVD release Disney has had.

Another significant thought is that they are just branding it “Tinker Bell.” The original plan was to make one for each season, and then have it focus on a different fairy for that season. It looks like they are centering the branding more around Tinker Bell.

Trailer - Tink:

Trailer - Girl:

Sneak Peek:


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