Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Honesty of Disneyland Hosts

In Disneyland, most employees have a lot of accountability. One story in Mouse Tales accounts of a Japanese business man opening his wallet on the Skyway, only to have something like $3,000 in cash fly out of his wallet. Employees scrambled to collect it all and literally ripped it out of guest’s hands. (There was initial confusion as to why it was raining money.) The employees then took the cash to Lost and Found, and the man recovered all but $300 of his cash.

Another story is that Disneyland looks for the bad apples. While my sister was working on Main Street, they noticed that one of the registers comes up short a lot. They suspected one of the frequent register users was pocketing cash. So they sent her to Lost and Found with a “lost” purse. She found $20 in the purse, took it out, and was fired by the time she submitted the empty purse to Lost and Found. In other words, they test their hosts to ensure strong ethics.

Bottom line: There is solid ethical accountability within Disney parks, but outside the parks and in the bus system, it’s too individual/independent, and you’re on your own. There is no accountability.


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