Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Goldeneye game for Wii

Activision is trying to make a sequel to Goldeneye again...

Never say never, gamers.

On Tuesday, Activision unveiled GoldenEye 007, a re-imagined take on a Nintendo 64 classic that many consider to be among the greatest first-person shooter games ever created. And like its forbear, the new version will be a Nintendo exclusive when it arrives this holiday for the Wii console.


Perhaps the most notable tweak is a casting change. Current Bond Daniel Craig will replace traditional GoldenEye lead Pierce Brosnan as the star of the show, and while that might not sit well with GoldenEye purists, the game itself looks to stay true to form.

With an emphasis on multiplayer (the real hallmark of GoldenEye), the new effort boasts 40 different characters, 5 maps, 3 basic modes and 16 modifiers that will purportedly let gamers create over 500 different kinds of multiplayer games. It will also be playable online with up to 8 players and include some sort of experience system rewarding online play. The game will support multiple control schemes as well, including the somewhat underused Wii Zapper.

Released in 1997 for the N64, the original GoldenEye was a bona fide smash. It enjoys a startling 96 rating on Metacritic and has sold over eight million copies, making it far and away the best-selling Bond game ever.

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The article and trailer have been pumping it up much bigger than it deserves. Activision has been trying to sell off the success of Goldeneye for over a decade, including an actual sequel to Goldeneye. They're just trying again. Nothing new here.

And as gamers know, a game's only as good as the makers. So this would be a much more impressive announcement if they announced that they got Rare to make it.

That said, it does look like a great game, and they certainly put a lot of hard work into the game and its promotion.


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