Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tribute to Bucket Full of Cheese

One am. Gratuitous amounts of caffeine. Silliness ensues.

This is Cori McDaniel and Kyla Daniel's way of paying homage to Animation Empire's "Bucket Full of Cheese, a song which not only provided them with many laughs at 2:30 in the morning, but sums up six years of friendship. Since the release of this song in 2007, it has had roughl...y 40,400 views. Cori and Kyla were probably most of those. So, as a tribute to the video that got them through highschool, Cori and Kyla present there own version of "Bucket Full of Cheese."

Originally done by the guys at Animation Empire, O-Tizzle and Ed "Word" Price, directed by MattyO


And the original song:

So apparently our silly Bucket Full of Cheese song helped these girls pass high school. Not entirely sure how that works, but I think that makes our song eduational. =^)


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